Choosing the right company to design the right logo

A complete guide for the buyer. Verify the quality of services offered by professional design companies.

Finding the right company to help with your logo design is not an easy task. After all, a great brand image is an essential component of your business. There is no room for expensive mistakes here. In this guide we will show you a set of criteria to consider before starting to work with a design studio.

Things you will find in this article:

  • How to find a designer who can be trusted?
  • Three basic traits of a credible contractor.
  • 3 destructive features of a suspiciously low -priced offer.

A successful project is a result of a perfect cooperation with an experienced designer.

Making a creative logo is a complex, timely process. It all starts with sketches, tentative visualizations and brainstorming.

The assumption is to develop something clever and genuinely interesting. How not to make a mistake at the very beginning -when choosing a creative contractor? Here is how the process of designing an unforgettable impression looks.

The one. How to identify the designer of your dreams.

Rush when choosing your business partner rarely leads to profit.

When making a decision about choosing a design company, creating a strong brand and a great logo, rush is never a good advisor. It’s like judging the book by its cover. The first impression is not reliable. There’s no place for experiments in such an important process.

Check  the competence of people responsible for the future visualizations of your services and products.

It’s worth spending some time on conversation with the designer’s previous clients and ask about their impressions concerning the cooperation.

If  designers are not able to present their own brand, it means that they simply cannot be relied on. We’ve written an excellent article on rules of logo design. It will enable you to prepare well for a good cooperation with a design company.

The choice of the right people ensures the quality of a product.

It is worth knowing what a proper offer of logo design services looks like. It will carefully explain how the process looks and what you get from it. Most importantly, it guarantees that your money will be safe and there’s no risk of  buying a pig in a poke.

3 essential qualities of an effective logotype:
Simple, recognizable, timeless.

Company. Logo. Credibility. Responsibility. Check the basic internal values of a good contractor.

A professional service, truthfulness, but first and foremost responsibility.

These are the features that facilitate a cooperation and guarantee it’s success. How to choose the right company for your logo design? It’s really simple…

Start with checking the credibility. That is, the company’s accomplishments (portfolio). Successfully completed projects are both,  the best advertisement and truly the best possible recommendation. That is why, spending at least a few moments on  a short chat over the phone with the designer’s previous clients is certainly worthwhile.

Check carefully the services offered on a website. Make sure that you won’t be surprised by additional hidden costs of your logo designing process.

Beware of  the companies that exist only on the Internet. Contact only via email or phone is not a good sign. In case of certain service obstacles, it is likely for you to be “cutoff” from the cooperation. Make sure that  the company has its registered office and provides you with the exact address. Otherwise, in case of copyright infringement, you’ll be left alone. Check the working hours and how you can stay in touch with the company you’ll decide to work with.

Understanding is the basis of all great projects. Make sure that you’re well understood from the very beginning.

If you have the feeling that a questionnaire doesn’t give you the possibility to reflect the specific features of your business, don’t hesitate to ask inconvenient questions, or consider withdrawal. Designers are not fortune-tellers – if they don’t want to get specific information about you and your expectations, they won’t be able to create a suitable identity.

Too much information can sometimes be as bad as its deficiency.

Excess of information leads to selection carried out by a designer. The consequences of these decisions can be devastating. That is why, precision is the key.

The company that tells you to send “ a description of your needs” on a a50-page Word document  is somehow like a doctor who asks you what medicine should be prescribed.

This is the best moment for you to stop the project and withdraw without losing  your time and money.

3 disastrous features of suspiciously low-priced services.

Paying too little for a logo can cause serious financial loss.
It is one of the most painful lessons to learn from saving on a trademark. We’ve written a great article on costs and consequences of a poorly designed logo. We sincerely recommend it to all who are going to spend their money on a new image of a company or a product.

  • 1

    No guarantees, warranties or refunds.
    Lack of confidence in one’s abilities. Cheap logo designers do not guarantee anything in case of poor realization of their service. Perhaps this is because they do not expect the client to return to them again. These actions are the  result of no trust in their own project. In the worst case scenario, such a project can be a project stolen from abroad. Which, unfortunately happens quite often…

  • 2

    Narrow selection of bad ideas with poor graphical layout.
    Cheap solutions offer limited choice. Some designers create a product with no choice when it comes to different styles of the design or simply provide you with a very narrow selection of designs. For alternative solutions you have to pay extra.

  • 3

    Incompetence  and a reduced number of formats that you will have to convert yourself.
    Professional companies provide the clients with the project of a bitmap and vector graphics. In practice, both images are necessary (bitmaps are used on the website, while vectors are useful for business cards).

Note that problems caused by mistakes in designing appear later, e.g. during large format printing, pressing (or engraving) logo, or embroidering on clothes. Inadequately developed logo will cause future problem. Take a look at the full article on this topic.

If you‘ve already found the right company, start your cooperation the right way.

How to begin a successful project? Focus on your clients. Create your ideal client profile. The ideal client is the one who brings the highest profits. Predict their behavior and taste. Direct your message to real people,  not to fictitious, hypothetical characters.

You have to know what products are frequently bought by your future clients, what are their motivations, where they live and work. Well-defined client means higher chances of creating a  logotype that will easily attract new clients. The bigger your target, the lower strength of logo attraction.

A logo is a useful marketing tool, that is why it should first and foremost be functional. It will be used for many purposes: business cards, advertisements, the Internet, advertising gadgets. It has to look equally well in small and large format, in color, black and white inversion. It cannot have too many details, it’s the economics that matters.

It’s worth knowing the most frequent mistakes made during the logo design process.  

Printing complex patterns can be expensive. However, it does not mean that your logo  has to be too simple and boring. Create a perfect harmony of form and function.

The main role of a logo is to make money for your company.

We hope you will find the above information helpful in making the right decisions.

Perhaps you already have some experience in this issue? Share it with us and add your comment below. We are happy to hear your constructive thoughts and observations on this topic.


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