3 deceitful tricks of dishonest logo design studios

A must-read before ordering a logo design

How much do so-called low-priced logotypes really cost? See the costly consequences that all companies wish to avoid.

Things you will find in this article

  • Examples of faulty logotypes that cause trouble.
  • 3 deceitful tricks of dishonest companies.
  • The world’s most common ideas.
There are no shortcuts in the process of designing a “magnetizing” brand.

Logotype designers spend years on getting the necessary knowledge and experience to finally become professionals. Every process of designing a new logotype engages the whole team and can last a few days, a few weeks, or even a few years. None of them will be satisfied with a ”daily wage” for such a demanding work. There are, however, many clever amateurs who sell a suspiciously low-priced logo for several hundred euros , or even less than that, to inexperienced companies. See  some of the graphic symbols full of  expensive mistakes and find out how to avoid them.

Faith in an ideal logo that costs as much as a daily wage of a professional designer can cause serious consequences.

Nurses are not able to perform a successful open heart surgery. They simply don’t have the required knowledge and experience in this field.

Nobody would ever even consider the possibility of realizing such a scenario. When it comes to logo design, it is pretty much the same. A beginning designer is not able to create a mature identification. – It’s simple!

However, many people pay a  lot for being naive, believing that they get a  really good, solid product at a ridiculously low price. For numerous companies such a mistake led to a decision of closing their business. How a price of a logo can lead a company to bankruptcy? Find out more…

Contrary to popular believe, not everything depends on money

The good news is that you can save your money – but… you have to know how to do it right. The lowest price for a logo? It is all about getting a great logo at a reasonable price. A high-priced logo cannot guarantee a high quality.

In a perfect world we would pay the most favorable price for the product of the highest quality. However, in reality we always have to find the golden mean, that is, the most reasonable boundary -which by the way lies somewhere between the quality and price. The best books about design deal with successfully finalized projects. That is why, in our article you will find  the ones that went wrong.

Above: The examples of  recent failures concerning the logotypes in Polish cities.

  1. Białystok – referring to a gay association (cost: 150 thousand zlotys)
  2. Logo of Bochnia (district) – copied (in the exact ratios) from Dunwoody Logo (plagiarism).
  3. Silesian Metropolis – sympathizing with a well-known “no entry” sign.

See 3 deceitful tricks of dishonest companies

“The highest quality at the lowest price” this slogan lies every day and in almost every possible areas in business. Products that fulfill both conditions presented above do not exist. The proportions are just wrong by nature. The power of this horrifying marketing trickery is enormous and still attracts a large number of naive entrepreneurs.

Self-taught designers, even motivated by a huge bonus, will never be as good as the team of experienced, highly qualified and creative professional designers. An amateur will not become a professional overnight.

Just think about it…
“The highest quality at the lowest price”.

Can you give at least one example, when it really works?

  • 1.

    Trick 1 – A shared logo

    On the Internet you can find many offers with slogans about the highest quality at the lowest price, and yet  the mechanism of action is quite similar, isn’t it?

    A process, in which you can become an owner of a shared logo is extremely dangerous and may be difficult to verify.

    There are many examples of companies which had to spend millions on changing their whole brand name promotional products because they turned out to be plagiarism. That’s why, when it comes to this matter, you need to be extremely careful. It is one of the most dangerous ideas related to low price and  high quality.

    Frauds look for the expensive design of a logo (or they simply buy boilerplate, i.e.  a text that can be copied with very small changes, so-called Clip Art Logo).

    They put the company’s name, and eventually add color adjustment). They assure you about a flawless quality of their work.

    They take money, and within a few months disappear. Before the first clients notice what happened.

    Effect? You will be indentified much faster than you think. It’s not about the fact that it is an absolutely outrageous practice, making a laughing stock of your business and putting you at risk of expensive processes. The point is that the money spent on promotion of your company will be irreversibly lost and your new logo will have to be promoted once more, from scratch.

  • 2.

    Trick 2 –  Logo from  a logotype shop

    Logotypes from ready-made templates and illustrations. Ordinary and completely repeatable.

    Something that is your logo can suddenly appear as a graphic element of your competition. Although it seems to be obvious, many people forget that the real problem can appear when their brand is already a known and respectable one. Then, everyone  can impersonate your business, and it’s completely legal!

  • 3.

    Trick 3— Logo a’la Microsoft Word

    Logotype made with the use of an unprofessional program for curves adjustment. Photoshop, Gimp, or as previously mentioned in the heading above Microsoft Word.

    A sign made this way is only a sketch. – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that  the colors on a screen looks completely different when printed, plus it can’t be engraved or enlarged without losing its quality. To function well, such a sign has to be made from scratch with the use of a program that enables to edit curves in an advanced way.

Adam Słodowy and logotypes made by his friends. Do it yourself. These suggestions will not be a good solution.

The most frequent effect: amateurishness that is seen at first glance.  Graphic experiments result in lack of trust towards the quality of your products or services.

A negative first impression is extremely difficult to a) erase b) change, even with the greatest trade offer – if the company looks immature, it is hardly surprising that the exact same impression will be made on the whole marketing. The 80s are gone and left behind. Today’s reality is the world of specialization.

The risk of choosing a clichéd theme is enormous.
The first thought is usually the best, but often also the most popular.

This is exactly how Heyah logotype was “trapped”. In Poland the red hand was successful, but when it comes to the foreign market expansion of this brand, the image simple disappeared… in the crowd of other red hands.

The whole truth about the open finance of beauty contests.

The truth is unfortunately as sad as the offers that come from such competitions. A competition for a business logo is based on  placing an advertisement that offers a sum you are able to pay.  In a specific time you get projects – and here a tangible problem begins. The problem seen every day in truly awful logos, pseudo-artistic logotypes of museums, associations, and  numerous  educational centers working with teenagers  and  university students.

There is an icon created that way. It is the NIKE logo. However, it is just the exception among thousands of ingenious graphic signs created by professionals.

Let’s face it – an organization, publicity and marketing of such a competition also absorb costs. Nevertheless,  looking at the amount of success in this matter, it rather resembles a lottery than building a mature brand.

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