What’s it like
working with us?

At Juicy, we focus on building long-term relationships. We know that by taking care of our clients better than anyone else, they’ll stay in business, and so will we. For the last 12 years, we’ve had great results!

Of course we do good work, but what really puts us a cut above the rest is how we do it: thoughtfully, sincerely, and personally.

„In the end, you always take out as much good energy as you put in.”
Mariusz Słowik

Almost every one of us has spent some time working for a major corporation, and we now want to share what we’ve learned with smaller businesses. This is rewarding for us, and for our clients.

We believe in small companies. We deeply believe that supporting small, local initiatives makes more sense.

Naturally, we all have our weak points. For example, we may be late to work from time to time; but we’re never late with work. We are very conscientious, and therefore only take on a limited amount of work every month.

If you like the atmosphere of personal understanding in a small team, you’ll feel at home with Juicy.

Our people
are your people

We are designers, programmers, copywriters, and above all, hard workers.

We have an on-site team of 9 people, but we regularly work with 36 other artists from Poland and Europe. Without a doubt, creativity is our main product.

Kierujemy się prostymi wartościami:

1. Care and attention
We like to get close to our clients. By developing a clear sense of their needs, we can deliver a truly personalized product.
2. Diligence and excellence
Perfection is our standard, professionalism is our method. That’s why we do good work. Period.
3. Responsible and punctual
We keep our promises, and take responsibility for our products. At Juicy, honesty is always the best policy.

Clients often ask us where we get our ideas. The truth is, we don’t always know. But what we do know is that simple is good. It may not be obvious, but simple designs are anything but easy.

„It’s attention to fine detail that makes a big difference in the end.”
Jakub Piekarski

If you value the beauty of simplicity, there is a good chance we were made for each other.

The media consider us experts, so we must be doing something right.

Our articles are regularly published in magazines such as Forbes, Puls Biznesu (Business Pulse), and Marketing w Praktyce (Marketing in Practice). Sharing knowledge is a major part of our culture.

It’s not 00:00 on Wednesday, is it?

Although every day at Juicy is a little different, many things are constant. For example, production, accounting, and customer service take place under one roof…and Maciej is usually the first one at work.

Kinga, Alicja, and I are always here a few minutes before 8. We make coffee, eat breakfast, and discuss our tasks for the day. Oh, and we always put on some good music.

Alicja is responsible for evening correspondence, and her lively spirit is the secret to good atmosphere in our office (apparently this is all thanks to her small cat!). When you work with her, you know she gets it.

„It’s great when your clients’ passions fuel you more than coffee.”
Alicja Bialik

From the next desk over, Kinga commissions work to our designers and remote partners. This is one of the most exhausting tasks at our company. But she comes from a big (and amazing) family, so she’s a natural when it comes to communication, even in difficult situations.

„I like to leave work knowing the job’s been done right.”
Kinga Stencel

On the other side of the wall are our graphic designers Krystian and Krzystof, and our Photoshop master Michał, who can turn even the most unattractive images into works of art.

Next to them is Damian, our unparalleled Indesign expert. Look closely at his work – there’s more to it than meets the eye. Today he is finishing a project for a non-profit organization we support.

„Our recipe for successful projects is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”
Damian Toczyłowski

In the opposite room, Maciej works like a real Swiss watch. For him, overseeing the entire copywriting department is not enough – he’s got to help out with the administration too.

Although he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, his real paintbrush is a pen. Our clients love his ideas.

It’s always great to have a hand in the establishment of an excellent Polish company. There is a lot of economic strength in this country.
Maciej Wysocki

The breeze that blows through our office is me. My name is Mariusz and I am primarily responsible for building our common future. I take care of the people I work with, as well as the people we work for.

No two days are quite the same at Juicy…and some we’ll never forget.


2006 Startujemy!
Dzień dobry wszystkim :)
See us on TV.
We define the standards of what a “copywriter” is for the Polish government.
One client thanked us with a box of chocolates.